Risks to the building

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Risks to the building

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The most serious damage is caused by water leaks
Many private and public buildings and facilities suffer from the risk of exposure to the problem of leakage, as it is a widespread problem in all places where there are water sources, especially if there are more than one source, so the more water sources “swimming pool, water tank, water pipes” the greater the possibility Buildings are exposed to leakage.
Water leakage has many dangers that many people may be ignorant of, and in the interest of the Home Company to treat water leakage to the health of citizens, it must inform citizens of the grave dangers caused by water leakage, both apparent and hidden.
The importance of this notice is to draw the attention of citizens to the need to solve leakage problems as soon as they see them, or to detect leakage at close intervals, as dealing with the leakage problem at its beginning is much better than solving it after its incursion in other places.

Learn about the most serious damages caused by water leaks:
The first thing you should know is that the dangers of water leakage cannot be limited to damaging buildings. Leakage problems are the greatest danger to the health of your family members first, and secondly to damage to buildings. Therefore, you must know the risks of leakage in order to make a decision to address leakage problems before they happen, to protect your family members Of the risks of leakage, and these risks:

Risks to health: شركة كشف تسربات المياه شمال الرياض
The biggest risk of water leaks is its danger to the health of family members, so the house is exposed to hidden leakage, and it is through the leakage of water tank water into the walls of the tank, and thus the walls of the house itself, or the leakage of swimming pools' water and are also internal, or the leakage of surfaces as a result of rain, and thus The surface is saturated with water, and in this way the floor of the house is saturated with water, as well as the roof and walls, resulting in a high level of humidity in the house, and of course the humidity affects the respiratory system, it can cause allergies to family members, and even acute pneumonia.
Some people also become infected with many diseases caused by fungi and bacteria in the water tank when using its water. If the water tank floor is cracked, the water seeping into the floor results in mixing the soil with the water, so art forms and fungi and bacteria grow.

Risks to the building:
The building is exposed to some dangers as a result of water leakage without detection or detection after it penetrated into large areas in the building. One of the signs of leakage is the appearance of peeling in the paint of the walls, so you should be aware of the degree of damage to the wall itself from the inside, that is if the leak occurred through the water tank then affected On the walls or through rusting the water pipes, it also affects the walls that pass through them.
Or the building is exposed to cracking of the roof and the appearance of reinforcing iron and rust due to difficult weather factors and heavy rain in the winter, which threatens the roof of the house to collapse at any time, as old houses that reach this state collapse faster than expected.
And the house can be exposed to a greater risk in the event of a leak in the floors of the swimming pool or in the floor of the ground water tank, the occurrence of leakage in this case threatens the infrastructure of the house and leads to corrosion of the base and walls, which shortens the actual life of the building.شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض المعتمدة

Material losses:
Tank water leakage exposes you in particular to material losses, as when a leak occurs on the tank floor, it will result in the need to maintain and clean the tank, and then you will need to apply waterproofing to the tank, but if you insulate the tank before the leak, it will not cost maintenance and treatment expenses.
And when the pipes connected to the main water network are rusted, they are exposed to greater losses, as water leakage through the pipes increases the value of the water bill, in addition to the costs of the injured pipes, and it may require changing the entire main water network, in addition to demolition and repair operations if the leak is related to the internal pipes.
The biggest loss remains if the leakage causes the collapse of the infrastructure of the house. This will not require losing the costs of the new construction, but rather it will require costs for demolition and preparing the place for construction, and of course these costs cannot be determined, especially with the high prices of all building materials.
Therefore, it is best to offer protection and prevention from the risk of leakage as a first priority when building a home, or when building maintenance. شركة كشف تسربات بالخرج

Leakage protection methods:
Some home and facility owners provide a protection step over treatment, so instead of leakage and treatment, they make a leakage protection step to save the house from the problem of leakage, and the methods of protection are to implement waterproofing of all water sources in the house.
The waterproofing is applied to water pipes by painting it with a material that protects against rust, when the occurrence of rust and its penetration into the pipes, the pipes begin to leak water, and the water tanks and swimming pools are isolated in similar ways, so the waterproofing team in the houses company sprinkles special materials to insulate the tanks to protect the walls. The tank from leakage damage.
As protection from rainwater infiltration across the roofs of houses, any method of roofing waterproofing is applied, and there are many materials that are suitable for roof insulation. Fiberglass or polyethylene molds can be used or many materials that are suitable for insulation and protection from leakage.

Leakage treatment methods:
Either if the necessary protection for the house from leakage is not done, and the house is facing the problem of leakage, then the best thing that can be done is to seek the help of a company specialized in treatment, such as the home company to treat water leakage. Specialized companies use special methods to inspect the location of the leak and treat it. Treat the problem.
The company also finishes its work by making a general inspection of all water sources in the house, in order to make sure that there is no hidden leakage in a place other than the place of the leak that was treated.

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