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Solve the second major math questions

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Solve the second major math questions

General objectives of the second major mathematics subject:

Mathematics, with its concepts and skills, is a means to serve the society in which it is practiced. Therefore, it can be employed in the field of educating older women so that the student can control her expressions that involve arithmetic operations. Zakat and inheritance are a clear model for that.

Mathematics is a vital necessity for citizenship in order to benefit itself and its society economically, professionally and as a family.

Mathematics is a means to achieve organized and controlled thinking related to reality, which reflects its effects on the life problems facing the student in various fields

General goals of adult education

First / Literacy, which aims to:

Developing the love and piety of God in the hearts of female students and providing them with the necessary amount of religious sciences.

Providing students with reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

Providing studies with information, skills and attitudes that enable the individual to develop himself and his family, participate in the advancement of his society, and perform the duties of an enlightened citizen.

Second / adult education:

Adult education aims to achieve the following basic things:

Deepening the love and piety of God in the hearts of female students and providing them with the religious sciences they need in their lives.

Giving the opportunity for those who have completed the basic stage of literacy to continue their education in the other stages.

Providing the necessary opportunities for older women to continue reading to prevent them from returning to illiteracy and providing an educated environment.

Organizing a variety of cultural programs for older women that meet their cultural, social and economic needs.
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