Stages of web design

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Stages of web design

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Internet website
A website is defined as a group of related web pages that are stored on the same server, and visited and viewed through the Internet as a result of the availability of the web service or web browser, and the website can also be displayed on mobile phones using web technology

These sites are located in what are known as web servers, and web design can be defined as the process by which a set of multimedia content is planned and executed over the Internet using technical patterns; For example: the markup languages ​​suitable for display on internet browsers or web based user interfaces

خدمات سيو

Planning the structure of the site
At this stage, a plan is drawn on paper for the site’s sections to clarify the information, customer services, and site owners. The home page that contains a column on the right or left side is displayed links, and at the top is a banner that includes the site’s pictures, and the remaining area for the data is, and the internal pages are Similar to the home page with some pictures or tables added to it

Design the look and colors of the site
The design for the exterior and its internal pages is done from scratch using one of the design programs. Such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and the design department usually performs this task, as it is a design task that does not require experience in the html or php language for web design, and ready-made templates can also be used in web design, which are widely available on the Internet, whether they are free. Or paid for, and often these templates are in the form of Photoshop PSD files open for the user to modify them

تصميم فيديو موشن جرافيك

Convert design to html page
The design is converted from just an image to a html page devoid of data, and this requires experience in this language, the ability to use CSS styles and many other things, and there will be a need to use Photoshop to be able to deal with the basic design, and export elements to a page html file, and site management software will also be used at this stage; Such as: Adobe Dreamweaver, Frontpage.

Put data on pages and link them
Site management software is used, and data is placed on the page manually by the website designer, or dynamically through programming languages; Such as: Php, Asp, and databases; Like: mysql

تصميم موقع مدرسة

Beautify sites
Many other features are added to the site; Such as news tape, changing pictures, or interactive services; Such as: correspondence, comments, and it is noteworthy that this stage requires experience in programming languages, databases, and flash programs

تصميم موقع مثل سوق دوت كوم

Upload the site and publish it on the Internet
This stage includes reserving a name for the site ie Domain, linking it with a space on the Internet, publishing it, and preparing it to work in a correct manner, and this requires the designer to be familiar with some of the basic concepts for that.

تحويل التصميم إلى صفحة html يتم تحويل التصمي من مجرّد صورة إلى صفحة html خالية من البيانات، وهذا ما يتطلّب وجود خبرة في هذه اللغة، والقدرة على استخدام أنماط CSS والعديد من الأشياء الأخرى، كما سيكون هناك حاجة لاستخدام برنامج الفوتوشوب للتمكن من التعامل مع التصميم الأساسي، وتصدير عناصر إلى صفحة html النهائيّة، كما سيستخدم في هذه المرحلة برامج إدارة المواقع؛ مثل: Adobe Dreamweaver, Frontpage.

Web Design Process

تصميم شكل وألوان الموقع يتم التصميم للشكل الخارجي، وصفحاته الداخليّة من الصفر باستخدام أحد برامج التصميم؛ مثل: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator، ويقوم بهذه المهمة قسم التصميم في العادة، وذلك كونها مهمة تصميميّة لا تحتاج إلى خبرة في لغة html أو php الخاص بتصميم المواقع، كما يمكن استخدام القوالب الجاهزة في تصميم المواقع، والمتوفرة بشكلٍ كبير على الإنترنت سواء كانت مجانيّة أو مدفوعة الثمن، وفي الغالب تكون هذه القوالب على شكل ملفات فوتوشوب psd مفتوحة حتى يتمكن المستخدم من التعديل عليها.

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