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How To Take a QuickBooks Online Backup | 888-660-0607

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Steps How to set up QuickBooks Online Backup:

To begin with, actuate Intuit Data Protect

1.            Go for the option “Back Up Company“.

2.            Look for “Set Up/Activate Online Backup“.

3.            Select “Intuit Data Protect” and right-click the green lock symbol

4.            Then select “Open Intuit Data Protect” and “Initiate Now”

5.            Enter your Intuit Account credentials.

6.            Select your inclinations and press “Proceed”

At that point, backup Desktop records utilizing Intuit Data Protect

1.            Open the QuickBooks Add-on, i.e., Intuit Data Protect

2.            Select “Back up now”

3.            Choose which records to back up, at that point “Proceed”

4.            Click “Back up now”

5.            When a backup is done, select “alright”

QuickBooks Online Backup for Desktop
You make an Online Backup a similar way you’d make a Local Backup—by choosing “Document,” “Make Backup” and afterward “Online Backup”.

QuickBooks Online Backup Options
QuickBooks Online (QBO) accounts do exclude a possibility for online backup. QuickBooks Online Backup clients have the alternative to make a “online backup,” as clarified above, however, this choice isn’t accessible to QBO clients.

The most effective method to send out QuickBooks Online information to QuickBooks Desktop:

You can physically back up your QuickBooks Online information by sending out records into QuickBooks Desktop. Be that as it may, there are a few current prerequisites for trade:

Only Master Administrator, Company Administrator or Accountant can trade
Must use Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Must have QuickBooks Desktop introduced on the PC you are utilizing to trade
Only accessible in the US variant
ActiveX Control Now should be introduced
All organization screens must be shut
When you have met all the prerequisites for send out:

1.            Firstly, aim for the Gear symbol in QuickBooks Online version.

2.            Under “Devices,” select “Fare Data”

3.            Click “Find out additional”

4.            Under “Download organization information,” click “Find out additional”

5.            Select the “Start” option

6.            Then “Proceed to Download” and “Download”

7.            Select an area to spare the organization record

8.            Now, select “Convert Now”

9.            Give the record a name and “Spare” to the work area (or another area)

10.          Then select “Wrapped up”

For a bit by bit video on sending out QBO to Desktop click here.

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