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Nuance Dragon has stopped working. What to do?

Добавлено: 16 авг 2019, 14:10
Unexpected and bizarre errors in Nuance Dragon software can be quite frustrating. Even though it saves your time by voicing the commands into the application, but solving the errors such as where it fails to work can become time-consuming. You can follow some tips to avoid these issues or directly have a word with the techies at Nuance dragon customer care.
 Always remember to follow the ‘Order’ while you are using the speech recognition software.
 The first thing you do is to plug the microphone, then open Dragon software and after that open the application you need to input commands, close all the applications and unplug the microphone. Do not reverse the order anyhow.

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Re: Nuance Dragon has stopped working. What to do?

Добавлено: 19 авг 2019, 04:47
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