Natural recipes to repel insects from the house

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Natural recipes to repel insects from the house

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Natural recipes to repel insects from the house
In order to avoid these insects from entering the house, especially small insects such as bedbugs and others, make sure to ventilate the house on a daily basis, and expose the mattresses to the sun. And always make sure that your pets, such as dogs and cats, are clean from exposure to insects, and constantly inspect them for prevention. And avoid leaving food scraps on your home tables or inside the kitchen, so as not to attract flying and crawling insects. Here are the natural methods used to repel insects from your home:

Vaseline and mint: Ants are among the most frequent insects in all homes, especially in the summer, and you can get rid of them using Vaseline and mint. Mix an appropriate amount of Vaseline and mint extract well, and apply them to doors and window exits, as Vaseline is one of the most irritating substances to ants, as it causes difficulty in moving and thus prevents its spread inside the house.
Rosemary and mint: Fresh herbs have an important role in protecting your home from insects. If your home is vulnerable to flying insects such as bees and others, use fresh herbs such as rosemary or mint and hang them on the windows and doors of your home.
Lighting Lanterns: Use the lanterns in places most prone to flies, as they work to repel flying insects.
Candles: There are candles that are designed to repel mosquitoes and flying insects from the home, and you can get them from perfume stores or supermarkets. These candles contain geraniol, which is known to repel mosquitoes.
Peppermint: One of the most effective substances in repelling mosquitoes, you can boil mint and put it in a spray bottle, and use it in your home to repel mosquitoes.
Lemon and cloves: Cut a lemon in half, plant the cloves with it and place it in the places where the flies are present, you will work to expel it permanently. شركة مكافحة الحشرات بالرياض
Coffee: Make a trap for cockroaches from water and coffee powder, put the water in a jar and add coffee powder to it, so that the cockroaches in the house will come and fall inside.
Frankincense and Musk: Steam your home with frankincense and musk, their scents will repel flies, mosquitoes and flying insects.
Rosemary oil: It is used to repel fleas and ticks, use a cotton ball to wipe the surfaces with this essential oil and you will be amazed by the result.

Methods for getting rid of wood mites
There are a number of proven ways to get rid of weevils, including: شركة رش مبيدات بالرياض

Mix the ground garlic without removing the peel with a little white salt, and brush the affected wood, then leave it on the area to dry.
Burn the piece of furniture infected with wood mites if it is a piece that can be dispensed with so that the mites do not spread to the rest of the furniture.
Spray the mite-infested piece of wood away from other furniture with an insecticide to make sure that the mite-causing insects are killed.
Use the "technic" found in homes and spray it on the affected wood areas.
Pour any kind of petroleum on the affected area of ​​the furniture and leave it to dry completely and repeat the process until you are sure to eliminate the mites permanently.
Close furniture holes properly inhabited by wood mites by using putty or primer paint after making sure that the holes are free of insects before closing them so that they do not come out again, causing damage to the furniture.

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