How to detect water leaks

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How to detect water leaks

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How to detect water leaks
The buildings suffer greatly, from the disappearance of the source of the leak, the invisible eye visions, and the lack of knowledge of the leak, and this is the problem of water leakage among the problems that most worry individuals, and this is because of the damage caused to the buildings, and from here there must be a disclosure of whether that leakage Water is present or not, and this is considered a defect that occurs at a certain time on the water connections with various things, and it is necessary to strive seriously for the locations of water leaks, whether the leak is from pipe elbows or from the pipes themselves, including leaks from faucets, tanks and heaters, and there is a defect in that The specified path and the water collects near the places surrounding the leak, such as floors and walls, as it inflicts heavy damage and can not be easily inflicted, especially if the leak is from the inside in the buried pipes, and this works to corrode iron and wear out concrete, and the problem worsens day after day.

What are the types of infusion
Visible leaks: It appears in the visible part of the walls and floors and can be seen with the naked eye, such as faucets, external connections, heaters or upper cabinets, and it is easy to check.
Frightening leaks: They are the ones that are found in the internal connections of the water, which is often from inside the walls, floors, and there is a great difference between them and the visible and buried connections that are difficult to discover as they cannot be relied upon and they cause distortion of the place and make them a color other than the original to them. شركة كشف تسربات بحي المصانع
What are the methods for detecting water leaks?
There are many ways to detect water leaks and they are discovered after closing all the valves, and it is expected to see where the leaks come from during the period in which the valves were closed and where the leaks are located, and the water meter is read before and after.
One of the ways to detect water leaks also after closing the valves is to ensure that those in the house do not open the cocks until the source of the water leak is identified.
What are the ways to prevent water leaks
The water leak detection company gives advice on obtaining insulation services at home, and this step is a protection for the home from all damage that can be caused to it by water and heat, and from here the insulation must be done in a quick time so that the problem does not increase, especially the insulation on tanks, bathrooms and walls, and also Swimming pools should be isolated from the water.
What are the causes of water leaks شركة كشف تسربات بحي الفلاح
There are many mistakes that face the individual in the house, which is the leakage of water, in the process of opening and closing valves and faucets in an improper manner, which leads to water leakage, and from them in the lower floors, a subsidence may occur in the ground that leads to an increase in the loads on the drainage pipes that are located on the ground and this leads To break those things and identify the location of the leak,
There is an error in the installation of pipes, especially the installation and connection of water lines, as well as drainage lines, from the beginning of work, and the materials used in the pipes must be checked, and care must be taken that the quality of the pipes is a good type and not poor.
The work team must be trained in vocational training in order to be able to complete the work at the highest level of efficiency, professionalism and technology.
After installing the tiles or ceramics, one must ensure the quality of the seams between the ceramics and whoever performs this work must have experience in that field, and this is to protect the place and also to avoid serious errors that lead to undesirable things.
Pipes must be sized from sunlight and sunlight, which will damage them. شركة كشف تسربات بحي الشعلان

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