The best site to create an online store

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The best site to create an online store

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The best site to create an online store

Due to the importance of obtaining the best online store design company for the e-marketing of your products, all the examples and explanations needed to design your store have been provided, and it will help you to create it professionally and with excellent quality, given our knowledge of the importance of e-stores in the success of e-marketing and search engines We have made all the necessary preparations for the online store to ensure that your site appears in the primary search engines, and configured it according to the rules to have the lead in the search results, which enhances the power of marketing through the online store.

How to set up an Arabic online store

We know that e-commerce has become an important means of increasing income, and it is constantly increasing in the whole world in general and in
Our Arab world in particular, so we presented to you a method of creating an online store and give you a free opportunity, until you get
Ali the greatest possible benefit.

How to set up a free online store in minutes
1- First step:
The best site to create a profitable online store. You have to browse all the available forms in the best sites
To set up an online store, and choose the most suitable among them.
We have provided you with the most professional and simple models, in addition to supporting all languages, and we have provided the models that include the best e-commerce systems, all of this guarantees you the ease of designing a store
An electronic way through which you can display products and prices and facilitate you to deal with users' requests.
2- The second step:
Choose the location you like, and which fit your product offering.
When you settle on the site, you just have to follow the registration steps shown in front of you.
3- The Third Step:
After completing the registration steps, you have to choose the appropriate free package.
The best website to create a profitable online store. Choosing the type of package is an important step, and when you choose the package
Freebies gives you the opportunity to create a free and distinctive online store, without limiting the length of the free period.
4- The Fourth Step:
You must complete the registration and write all the data required of you, whether related to your location data or even your data
Personal, you can also ensure that the registration is completed by confirming your e-mail.
After you finish choosing the package, you must choose the name of the store, and specify its scope on the Internet,
An email address and details about your products are also required.
5- The Fifth Step:
After all that, you should wait for a confirmation message containing the username and password.
After you complete the registration process, we send an email after setting up your online store
It is a simple process that ends in a few minutes, and this message contains your store's information.
6- The Sixth Step:
You should follow the videos in order to learn how to run the store easily.
After sending the email to you, you must confirm your entry to the store, and if you find it difficult to deal, contact
With us, we will solve the problem, and in order to ensure that no problem occurs while using the store, you must watch the videos carefully, and you will find sufficient explanation for everything you need to know.
The difference between the online platform and the online store
Some people think that the online platform and the online store represent the same thing, but there is a big difference between them, although both of them are used in the field of marketing and e-commerce, but there are many differences between them.
The online platform is a system that allows you, considering that you are the owner of the platform, to allow the owners of different products to display and market those products to all customers through your site.
Thus, you have brought together the sellers and consumers at the same time and in one site, and that is what is keen to provide you with the best site to create an online store.
Thus, it is completely different from the online store, where the online store is a site for displaying the products of a specific brand, and becomes dedicated to it without other brands.
The best online store platforms and their standards
The best site for creating a profitable online store There are standards and specifications that the platform must have in order to be classified as one of the best online store platforms, and it is chosen by researchers. Among these criteria:

Software requirements.
the total cost.
Ease of configuration for search engines.
Multiple languages ​​support.
Integration with other services.
Reports and analyzes.
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The best ecommerce platforms
Top 5 Free Website Builder Platforms:

Wix platform

It is considered one of the most famous and best site for creating a free online store, and a favorite of many customers; It provides multiple options to its customers, and it also features easy steps to make your website, so you must record some data and he in turn completes the registration, as it has many different templates dedicated to making it easy for you to create your website.

Site123 platform

It offers many templates that help you design your site easily, and it is distinguished by the fact that you can write the code of your pages in multiple languages.

SimpleSite platform

It is one of the simplest platforms used to create websites, as its name indicates, and it gives you the opportunity to display a lot of products using your free package.

The WordPress platform

It allows many customers who want to create free websites the opportunity to do so, as the templates it provides are more powerful than those provided by other platforms, and it is also keen to provide a lot of advanced and distinct templates.

The Weebly platform

It is considered the best site for creating a distinctive and simple online store, in addition to its speed

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