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Custom Templates Form

Сообщение chrisjohnson » 15 фев 2022, 01:46

Custom Templates Form is quite beneficial to me. However, I would want to make the following observations:

How can I make a custom attribute with a clickable hyperlink, such as to a web page or an internal item? I see a web page and a Go button for navigation on the contact information page, but how do I make something similar for a custom template?

Despite the fact that instructions exist for dragging and dropping custom templates to a new UR database, this does not work correctly; the custom template is moved, but the majority of the fields/attributes are missing or jumbled.

Dragging a custom template onto the parent Template folder eliminates all child templates. It works if you drag it to the child level.

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Re: Custom Templates Form

Сообщение juanmark » 21 июн 2022, 14:17

Creating custom templates forms can be a great way to streamline your website's process and make it easier for customers to fill out the necessary information. By using a template form, you can centralize all of the customer data in one place, making it easy for them to contact you or leave feedback. Additionally, by providing clear and concise instructions on how to use the form, you'll help those who encounter difficulty filling it out.

If you're looking for an affordable way to improve your website's usability and speed up its processing time, then consider using a custom template form from a reputable node.js development company.

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