Steam cleaning of the house

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Steam cleaning of the house

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Steam cleaning of the house

Steam cleaning is recommended by Kärcher, the world leader in innovative cleaning technology solutions, by adopting steam cleaning technology at least once a week.

Steam cleaning benefits

A cure for annoying germs and microbes that children bring home after school.

During their morning walk in their schools, children are exposed to a huge amount of bacteria that are unintentionally transmitted to the house, and they are often useless and unwelcome types in the rooms of the house.

The time children spend outside their homes during which they are exposed to various types of germs and microbes that are not visible to the naked eye, whether during their independence on the school bus or various means of transportation or through their presence inside the school and its facilities from the classrooms and utilities and their use of tools and equipment in them or even during the process of communicating and playing with their friends .

Children are unexpected vectors of many common types of mites, bacteria and viruses, the most famous of which is the cold virus or even uncommon ones such as E-coli and salmonella, and protecting against these germs is a difficult task.

Steam cleaning works to sterilize the home and furniture by heating water to boiling at about 100 degrees Celsius and using hot steam rising from it for various cleaning, disinfection and sterilization works.

Some cleaning machines have steam equipment for cleaning and others for drying furniture.

Specialized steam cleaning machines can carry out steam sterilization work, overcome various dirt and germs, and sterilize surfaces very effectively to eliminate any presence of germs at a very high rate.

Steam cleaning saves the time and effort that is usually spent in traditional cleaning operations with the difference in result and quality, due to the ease of movement between residential spaces and the surfaces in which they are located without the need to use complex cleaning solutions or chemical cleaners.

The best solution lies in steam, in which high temperature is the main pillar. The steam cleaning process depends on the phenomenon of surface tension of steam molecules, which equals the expected results from the use of chemical detergents without damaging the fabrics or causing their wear, which makes machines that use steam for cleaning dispense with cleaning chemicals. For disinfection and sterilization.

Very useful because they do not release pollutants or irritants into the atmosphere during the cleaning process, which can aggravate or irritate any underlying allergies that people may have.

Steam cleaners can use this technology on a variety of objects from apartment floors to carpets, upholstery, sinks, wall tiles, windows and mirrors, and even exhaust hoods, toys, and bumps, both small and large.

Cleaning corners of the house

Cleaning the corners of the house is an essential part of the beauty of your home, because the beauty of the furniture, decoration, electrical appliances and car dashboard is reflected in its glossiness and luster with its deep, sunken details.

First method

For transverse and longitudinal voids in the blades of plastic curtains, air-conditioning and ventilation vents, small door spaces in the kitchen and electrical appliances

Necessary tools

They are charcoal tongs or engineering calipers with two pieces of cloth and rubber bands.


All you have to do is wrap the ends of the tweezers with two pieces of cloth thickly, secure the cloth with rubber bands, and insert the two wrapped ends of the forceps into the spaces you want to clean.

The second method

Suitable for cleaning metal rails for aluminum and car windows and doors.
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